Ford Focus Named the World's Best-Selling CarThe data is in and the Ford Focus was the best-selling car in the world last year, according to the research firm R.L. Polk & Co. Sales of the Focus, which was also the world’s top-selling car in 2011, totaled 1,020,410 globally in 2012.

The majority of Focus sales (more than a quarter) in 2012 were in China, where Focus registrations were up 51% from the previous year. Although the Focus is not the best-selling car in the U.S., where sales rose 40%, Ford believes consumers’ preference for smaller vehicles like the Focus is increasing in the U.S.

If you’re in the market for an affordable, fuel efficient vehicle, the Focus is a great choice. We have a fantastic selection of Ford Focus vehicles to choose from. Browse through our current online inventory to find the perfect car for you.

Most people understand the importance of keeping children safe in vehicles, but not everyone understands how to properly do so. Automobile accidents are the number one killer of children between the ages of 1 and 12, and of those who have died while restrained in a vehicle, misuse of restraints is cited in 85-90% of the cases.

Some of the best practices for keeping children safe in cars include: (1) restraining children in a moving vehicle, (2) using a car seat based on a child’s age and size, and (3) seating children in a back seat until the age of 13. But following these best practices isn’t enough. We found an excellent infographic that will let you know which car seat is right for your child, which vehicles are best for car seats, and why child safety in vehicles is important.

Whether or not you’re a parent, it’s important to know how to keep young passengers safe whenever you’re riding with them. Click on the image below to see the full-sized infographic.


A majority of American mobile phone users own smartphones, and many of them rely on their phone applications to solve everyday problems. If you want to locate a nearby Thai restaurant, there’s an app for that. If you want to check gas prices at nearby stations, there’s an app for that. If you want to know whether someone is lying to you, there’s an app for that. Well, maybe we made that last one up…but the point is there are apps for almost everything.

There’s an overwhelming amount of helpful apps for drivers, so we figured we’d do you a favor and pick the best of the best. All of the apps included in this list are FREE and available on both iPhones and Android phones.

Google Maps

Google Maps

Google Maps allows you to get a comprehensive, accurate and easy-to-use maps with built-in Google local search, voice guided turn-by-turn navigation, public transit directions, Street View and more.

Download here:

Android or iPhone.



GasBuddy helps you find and compare gasoline prices at nearby gas stations.

Download here:

Android or iPhone.


Car Trapster

Car Trapster alerts you as you approach speed traps, red lightspeed cameras, accidents, and other roadway hazards.

Download here:

Android or iPhone.



iWreck is an auto accident assistant for easily logging all details, photos and info after being involved in a collision.

Download here:

Android or iPhone.

Car Butler

Car Butler

Car Butler is an all-in-one application that helps you locates nearby gas stations, mechanics, body shops, car washes, and parking spots.

Download here:

Android or iPhone

We’re in the midst of tax season and Blakey Auto Plex has lots of great deals on used vehicles. If you’re among the lucky group of people who will receive money back from the government this year, you should consider taking advantage of our incredibly low prices. We have almost 200 vehicles on our lot, starting as low as $3,900.

If you haven’t seen or heard our latest commercial about our tax season sale, watch the video below, then browse through our current inventory of the finest used cars for sale in Shreveport-Bossier.

Join us at Blakey Auto Plex (see map below for directions) on Saturday,February 16th, 2013 between 12:00 and 4:00 PM for our dealership cookout. We will be whipping out the grill on our Tailgate Fire Truck (retail name: 1962 International Loadstar) and serving FREE hot dogs, sausages, and refreshments.

Our 1962 International Loadstar is currently on sale and will be featured on our lot, along with a wide variety of other hot sales items. So come on out and ring in tax season with good food, great company, and amazing deals on high quality used cars!

Watch out our commercial for the cookout below: continue reading…

It’s officially tax season and Blakey Auto Plex has around 300 cars, trucks, and SUVs ready to be driven off of our lot. We have great prices on our vehicles, ranging from $3,995 – $8,995, that you do not want to miss out on.

To see more of the incredible vehicles we have on sale during tax season, check out our newspaper advertisement below or browse through our online inventory. Once you’ve found a vehicle you’re interested in, give Garion (318-936-4368) or Roosevelt (318-780-6469) a call.

Watch the video commercial below to learn more about our tax time sale, and click on the image below the commercial for the full-sized version of our newspaper ad.

newspaper ad - (1-23-2013)

Suzuki-WarrantyBlakey Auto Plex no longer sells Suzuki vehicles, but we’re still a Suzuki authorized service center and will service Suzuki vehicles for the next 8 years. So if you have a 100,000-miles/7-year powertrain limited warranty or a 36-months/36,000-miles new vehicle limited warranty on a brand new Suzuki you purchased, our professionally-trained technicians will be more than happy to get your vehicle running in tip-top shape!

Before scheduling an appointment with our auto service department, be sure to take a look at all what is covered under your warranty.

If you have any questions about getting your vehicle serviced at Blakey Auto Plex, give us a call at (318) 213-3131.

LSU-Fire-Truck-for-Sale-at-Blakey-Auto-PlexJoin us at Blakey Auto Plex’s lot (see map below for directions) on Saturday, January 5th, 2013 for our cookout/sales event. Once again, we will be whipping out the grill on our 1962 International Loadstar (also known as the tailgating Fire Truck) and serving FREE grilled burgers, hot dogs, and deer sausages. We will also be providing free car washes (at random) for a few lucky attendees.

Our 1962 International Loadstar is currently on sale and will be featured on our lot, along with a wide variety of other hot sales items. So come on out and ring in tax season with good food, great company, and amazing deals on high quality used cars!

You can RSVP for the event on Facebook, and check out some of the pictures from our last tailgating Fire Truck cookout HERE.


Directions to Blakey Auto Plex

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Last Saturday, we whipped out the grill on our 1962 International Loadstar (dubbed the tailgating fire truck) at our dealership and grilled burgers, hot dogs, and deer sausages. The fire truck is great for tailgating and is currently on sale at Blakey Auto Plex. With only 14,468 miles original miles, this bad boy features a flat screen TV, a satellite, and a roll-out grill.

We plan to grill out on the tailgating fire truck sometime in the near future (while its still on our lot). Stay tuned for an announcement about when that will take place.

In the meantime, check out pictures from last weekend’s tailgating event below, and click here to learn more about the 1962 International Loadstar’s features.

LSU-Fire-Truck-for-Sale-3 continue reading…

A couple of weeks ago, Anthony Kinnaw drove all the way from Rotterdam, New York to our lot in Bossier City, Louisiana to buy a 2010 Dodge Ram Diesel. Mr. Kinnaw’s journey from Rotterdam to Bossier City lasted 27 hours; we can can only imagine how relieved he must have been when he finally saw the “Welcome to Louisiana” sign.

Upon reaching our dealership, our Sales Associate saw to it that Anthony received the first class car buying experience that customers have come to expect at Blakey Auto Plex. On the same day he arrived in Louisiana, Anthony was able to continue reading…