Apparently, when it comes to automakers, stupidity is an equal opportunity affliction. It seems like every major automotive brand has a woops! model that they’d love to erase from consumers’ memory. While we hail the redo of certain classics like the Dodge Challenger and the revamped ‘Vette, there are some that should remain hidden in history, never to return.

1. Ford Pinto

Flashback- 7 Old Cars That Should Never Make a Comeback

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The Pinto should be relegated to the halls of “worst car design ever” on the merits of looks alone. But add in the fact that Ford’s executives saved a few production bucks by sticking an unprotected rear mounted fuel tank in, causing at least 27 people to burn to death in explosions caused by rear end accidents, and Pinto is our clear winner for #1 car that should never make a comeback. The few million dollars Ford was forced to pay was a small price for a deliberate decision costing human lives to make a cheap car.

2. Cadillac Cimarron

Time magazine placed the Cimarron on its less than prestigious list of 50 worst cars of all time, for good reason. The Cimarron was Cadillac’s pathetic attempt at answering BMW’s redesigned front drive, but all it really was was a puny 4 cylinder Chevy Cavalier. The Cimarron was so bad it seriously damaged Cadillac’s reputation.

3. Saturn Ion

Problems with the Ion …. where should we begin? The Ion got some of the worst safety ratings, was a poor design, offered awful quality, was hard to drive, and had an ugly interior that was of such poor quality it literally fell apart during normal driving operations. Obviously, the resale value on pieces of junk like this aren’t too hot either.

4. Chevrolet Vega

When the engine leaks oil before there’s actually any wear and tear, there’s probably some problem. In this case, the Vega was the problem. Not only was it a poor quality machine, it was also hideously ugly. The Vega is perhaps singlehandedly responsible for convincing American consumers to buy Japanese vehicles.

5. Chrysler PT Cruiser

At first glance, many consumers got excited about the cool retro look of the PT Cruiser. But that love affair ended abruptly on the first cruise. The vehicle has no power, horrible handling, and is too heavy and clunky to sport any spunk. The PT Cruiser now serves as a consolation prize for those whose flight was delayed and need an alternative to the subcompact hybrid at the car rental place.

6. Ferrari Mondial

Another of Time’s 50 worst cars of all time, the Mondial was designed as an entry-level vehicle to the exotic and coveted line of Ferrari vehicles. What it ended up as was a crying shame for an automaker which built an empire on speed and performance. The Mondial was pathetically lacking in both.

7. Jaguar X Type

The Jag X Type was to Jaguar what the Mondial was to Ferrari: a disappointment and a disaster. Basically, buyers got a repackaged Ford Mondeo with an entry-level Jag price tag. Since the Mondeo isn’t a spectacular buy at Ford prices, it’s an absolute robbery at Jaguar prices.

Retro done right is way cool. But any reincarnation of these seven monstrosities would be an abomination.