don't open your car door during a car washYou would think it would be common sense not to open your door when you’re in a car wash. Trust us – even if you think you hear strange noises, it’s NOT a good idea to get out of your car mid-car wash. However, as crazy as it may sound, this happens at least once every couple of months at Blakey Auto Plex. Someone will hear a strange noise, and for some crazy reason, they think it’s ok to open their door to check it out… if you have ever been unsure about what to do when you hear strange noises during a car wash, we’re here to reiterate a bit of common sense advice:

Don’t Open Your Door During an Automated Car Wash!

Here’s an example of a recent car wash incident at Blakey Auto Plex:

Last month, a customer was going through our car wash when all of a sudden he heard loud noises and decided to open his car door to see what was going on. The car wash mechanism was moving from the back of the truck to the front, so it caught his door and hyperextened it – so it was folded back against the front of the truck (a full 180 degrees from closed). Check out the picture below of what it looked like afterwards…

don't open you car door in car wash

Fortunately for our customer, we have the best body shop in Bossier City right here at Blakey Auto Plex. Our full service body shop includes a complete fire marshall approved paint booth, computerized paint mixing system, frame machine, and ample square footage shop space for multiple jobs. Thanks to the superb repair work of our experienced technicians, our customer’s door was back in mint condition in no time. Between the damage to the door and the interior, his final repair bill was almost $10,000! That’s 10,000 reasons not to open your door in a car wash!

Repaired door - car wash damage

So, sing loudly, dance outrageously, or simply enjoy not having to have your hands on the wheel, but whatever you do – don’t open your door during an automated car wash! If you do succumb to the urge to open your door mid-car wash, take comfort in knowing that our world-class body shop can repair your car’s self-inflicted damages.