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Whether due to design flaws or engine malfunctions, some car models quickly fall into consumer disfavor. Check out these top 8 car models we don’t mind forgetting to see if any cars you’ve owned made the list. 1933 Fuller Dymaxion Perhaps too forward-thinking for its time or just downright weird, the 1933 Fuller Dymaxion never […]

We have the best selection of used cars in Bossier and the best service for your vehicle in the Shreveport.  Blakey Auto Plex is the one-stop service and sales destination. Do you already have a car? Great! We’ll give the best value for your trade-in. You don’t have the money right now? No problem. We […]

The data is in and the Ford Focus was the best-selling car in the world last year, according to the research firm R.L. Polk & Co. Sales of the Focus, which was also the world’s top-selling car in 2011, totaled 1,020,410 globally in 2012. The majority of Focus sales (more than a quarter) in 2012 […]

Did you know that having a bad driving record can easily double or triple your premiums and even get you kicked off your policy? And did you know that boring, slowa and cheap cars have the lowest insurance premiums? We found this awesome infographic (courtesy of that breaks down how insurance companies determine car insurance rate. This infographic has tons […]

Knowing how to change a flat tire is an important life skill to possess, and one we encourage all to learn. The way we see it, you can save a lot of time wasted on waiting for roadside assistance by rolling up your sleeves and changing your flat tire yourself.  We found a great instructographic (courtesy […]

At any time, during your drive to work, a grocery store, or a family event, you could get a flat tire. Getting a flat can throw a wrench in your plans, but if you’re prepared it would be nothing more than a minor hiccup in your day. Waiting for roadside assistance can be inconvenient and […]

Remember when the national gas price average hovered just above $1? Most Americans might guess the 1990s, but just a decade ago Americans were enjoying gas prices that we can only dream about having today. We found a pretty cool infographic (courtesy of Nationwide Insurance) that details the rise in gas prices from 1962 till […]

Gas prices in the U.S. may be gradually decreasing, but let’s face it, gas prices over $3.00 a gallon is still a lot. To ensure that you’re getting the best possible gas mileage out of your car, here are 10 simple tips to follow (warning – you might be surprised how much you can save): […]

Now that summer has begun, there’s no time like the present to get your vehicle ready for the new driving season. Whether you to plan drive long distances or stay local this summer, being prepared for the hot, and sometimes wet, weather on the road is essential for safe and seamless travel. Here are five […]