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As many cars now include a tire pressure monitoring system, many drivers assume that they don’t need to worry about tire pressure anymore. But your dash’s warning light doesn’t go off until a tire is dangerously low on air at under 25 percent full. While you should make a habit of using a tire gauge, […]

It’s happened to everyone who’s ever gotten behind the wheel of a car: it makes a baffling, scary sound, and you find yourself trying to recreate the backfires, pops, or “eh-eh-eh-brrrp” sounds to your mechanic. Learning how to recognize some of the most common automotive sounds can save you from those small humiliations, and potentially […]

Many people don’t realize just how easy some car repairs are. They don’t take a lot of time, and depending on the car, some of these repairs can take just a few minutes. When you do your own car repairs, you get a better feel for the vehicle, helping you understand potential warning signs in […]

Spring has sprung here in Shreveport and after the change in temperature; your car may have experienced some changes as well. It is important to check for things that may have been stressed during the winter before relying on them as summer approaches.  Here is our practical vehicle maintenance checklist to ensure your used car […]

At some point in the future, your vehicle may be stuck in a hail storm and your windshield may get chipped or cracked as a result. A chip or star crack in your windshield will not affect your ability to operate your vehicle, but the cosmetic damages can be unsettling. To restore your windshield to […]