Having a truck means that you can do a lot of things other people can’t. Simply having a truck, however, doesn’t make you the coolest person in the neighborhood. To reach that status, you’ll need some accessories that help you make the most of your truck bed. If you haven’t tried truck bed accessories before, you don’t know what you’re missing.

1. Tonneau Cover


Image via Flickr by DiamondBack Truck Covers

This is one of the most useful accessories you can buy for your truck. A tonneau cover does several things, such as:

  • protect your bed lining
  • let you lock the bed to protect tools and other items
  • give you a hard platform so you can move heavy objects

If you want to make your truck as useful as possible, you need a tonneau cover.

2. Tow Straps

Whether you plan to move a bundle of wood or a kitchen appliance, you need tow straps to keep your cargo secure. Tow straps should let you tighten them so that items don’t rock too much while you move them.

As a truck owner, you know that people will ask you to help them move. You’ll inevitably say yes to at least a few of them. Tow straps will save the day by making the move faster and safer.

3. A Sleeping Pad

Since you have a truck, you might as well take it into the woods for some easy camping. The only problem is that truck beds aren’t very comfortable. Just try getting a good night’s sleep on a textured piece of metal.

A sleeping pad solves that problem by giving you a softer surface. Sleeping pads also provide extra insulation, so you can go camping on chilly nights without freezing to death.

You can also use an inflatable mattress, but they often take more time to set up.

4. A Tent

Sleeping pads and inflatable mattresses are great, but what about a whole tent. Yes, you can buy tents that are specially designed to fit on truck beds. You get some elevation to keep you safe from wild animals. You also get improved comfort (you don’t have to sleep on the ground) and convenience (it’s pretty easy to set up a truck bed tent since you don’t have to hammer stakes into the ground).

5. Toolbox

Your truck bed is the perfect place to store tools. Get a lockable toolbox made of steel or aluminum. You can also choose plastic options. Regardless of the material, make sure you can lock the box. Otherwise, you’ll probably lose your tools pretty quickly.

Look for toolboxes that you can install in the truck bed. Many of them have drawers and organizers that will make it easy for you to grab the right tools as you head toward a worksite.

You can also use it to store an air compressor, propane tank, or other accessories that you might need to run powerful tools.

What are some of the best accessories that you have seen for truck beds?