As many cars now include a tire pressure monitoring system, many drivers assume that they don’t need to worry about tire pressure anymore. But your dash’s warning light doesn’t go off until a tire is dangerously low on air at under 25 percent full. While you should make a habit of using a tire gauge, these four warning signs will help you know when your tires are in need of more air:

Worn Treads

Image via Flickr by Highways Agency

Image via Flickr by Highways Agency

Consumer Reports has a great way to see if your treads are wearing out with a simple penny. If you can see the top of Abe’s head, then the tire is too worn down and you are at risk of a flat tire. And even if you don’t get a flat, your car won’t have the control it needs with bald tires.

You may not notice on a nice day, but you will as soon as it starts raining. A tire’s treads help channel water so that your tires always have firm contact with the pavement. Without this, a layer of water can form between the tire and the road, causing you to hydroplane. continue reading…

When traveling with children, finding a park or playground in the vacation spot is often a welcome distraction. Playing outdoors gives kids the chance to stretch their legs, get out some of their energy, and enjoy the sunshine. In Shreveport, Louisiana, there are quite a few parks that will help your family to relax and unwind after a day of sightseeing.

East Kings Highway Park

East Kings Highway Park

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Visiting the third largest city of Louisiana has its perks. Every year there are many different events that coincide with common vacation periods. When you’re planning your next vacation to Louisiana, try to plan it so that you have a chance to attend some of the following major events.

1. Mardi Gras

The Mardi Gras parades in Shreveport are among the finest in the country. This annual tradition began in the 1800s in the same fashion as the infamous New Orleans Mardi Gras events. While they were cancelled during the first World War and had multiple failed revivals afterwards, it has been a successful annual event since 1984. Mardi Gras parades take place on several weekends between January and March, and offer the typical activities that come along with them like eating, costumes and entertainment. Note that this event is not family friendly, so leave the kids at home. continue reading…

You could easily spend upwards of $1,000 to get your car painted or fixed up. However, most people don’t have that kind of money. Luckily, there are plenty of ¬†ways to give your car a new look without spending a fortune, whether your car is old or you’re just sick of its cookie-cutter feel. Look at these six ideas to spruce up your ride.

Upgrade the Interior with Seat Covers

Seat covers

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Bossier parish is a great place for casino excitement. The Shreveport-Bossier City area, situated along the banks of the Red River, is home to several top-notch gaming establishments that will fulfill your need for entertainment, thrills, and food.

Sam’s Town Hotel & Casino


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Having a truck means that you can do a lot of things other people can’t. Simply having a truck, however, doesn’t make you the coolest person in the neighborhood. To reach that status, you’ll need some accessories that help you make the most of your truck bed. If you haven’t tried truck bed accessories before, you don’t know what you’re missing.

1. Tonneau Cover


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It’s happened to everyone who’s ever gotten behind the wheel of a car: it makes a baffling, scary sound, and you find yourself trying to recreate the backfires, pops, or “eh-eh-eh-brrrp” sounds to your mechanic. Learning how to recognize some of the most common automotive sounds can save you from those small humiliations, and potentially hundreds of dollars as well. Knowing what they mean can help you diagnose a problem before it gets serious.

Tick, Tick, Tick


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Creating the perfect drift car is an involved process. Some elements are necessary, like RWD, but many others, like power, weight, and balance, are up to the driver. It’s important that the car is capable of being modified, so you can customize it into the perfect machine. With the right modifications and some serious skill, drivers have been turning cars like the six listed here into drifting machines for years.

Nissan 200sx

The Nissan 200sx is a popular car for drifting because of its light weight, low center of gravity, RWD, and good balance. These components add up to a car that handles quite well and slides for ages with little effort. Models from 1995 to 1998 are available for purchase as used cars.

Mazda RX-7

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There are some basic car repairs that even a novice can perform, such as replacing light bulbs or wiper blades, filling in minor scratches or chips, and keeping tires filled. However, when you start getting into more advanced repairs, you may end up causing damage to the vehicle that will end up costing you more money while also being potentially dangerous. Some repairs are better left to professional auto technicians.

Replacing Belts

Replacing Belts

Image via Flickr by Nick Nguyen

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Cartoons come with witty characters, exciting and pleasantly ridiculous plots, and, of course, awesome wheels. To capture the experience of sitting in one of those amazing vehicles, some folks go beyond sitting in cardboard boxes while wearing swimming goggles and making funny noises. They take it upon themselves to craft real-life replicas of cartoon cars. Here are some of their cool creations.

The Mystery Machine

Mystery Machine

Image via Flickr by pop culture geek

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